Smarter than hosts file

The simplest way to access a website from a particular IP address - rather than following DNS - is, of course, to modify your computer's hosts file. However, there are limitations to this approach:
  • it takes time to edit the file;
  • too complicated for common users;
  • do not work with HTTPS protocol;
  • dynamic sites that interact with or seek content from external sources are unlikely to work; and
  • you cannot browse the live website (where the DNS points) and the alternate destination simultaneously.

SkipDNS is the smartest solution for temporary links. You can even make changes to websites as you load them via the temporary link.

In fact, it's one of the main benefits of this tool: you can open an account for your domain with a new hosting company and develop a new website (or migrate your site there and work on improvements) using a temporary URL.

When you're done building it, update the site's DNS. That's all!

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